Veronica L'AmourDo you think you are good enough to please me? Think again. I am a former San Francisco debutante, raised in a world you cannot possibly imagine. I get exactly what I want. My tastes are sophisticated, but my desires are primal.

With pristine, unblemished fair skin and dark lustrous locks, you will be captivated by my touch. My sculpted cheekbones and perfect nose evince my high breeding—have you ever seen a mouth as beautiful as mine? Dare to meet my dark, fierce eyes, and you will be instantly mesmerized; my wicked laugh will both delight and torment you.
My petite athlete’s physique exhibits my discipline, both mental and physical. My upper body is chiseled, my thighs are like a vice once I wrap them around your face. My legs are perfectly toned and proportioned, leading up to a luscious bubble butt that commands strangers’ stares in the street. It’s so high and firm, you could bounce a quarter off of it. If I let you.
I relish my dual identity: the power this secret holds. My girlish mannerisms and upright image in my day-to-day life belie a private interior world of perverse thoughts and lurid fantasies. It is a part of myself that I reveal only to those deemed worthy, and I delight in bringing out this secret self in others. This kind of interaction is wrought of chemistry, trust, and personal connection, be it a sexual one, or one based purely on the exchange of power. These things are very important to cultivate in each other. I SEE you—submit to me, and accept your true self. Together, we will explore the furthest edges of your psyche, the darkest depths of your desire.
As a domme, I will bring you to your knees and lovingly but firmly show you who is in charge. There’s nothing I love more than playing with a cherished pet.
As a sub, initially I find difficult to relinquish control—you may have to get your hands dirty, so to speak. As a former Catholic schoolgirl, I have a naughty streak that will test your limits…and the only way to put me in my place is a good paddling. However, once you break me, I can be quite good at following commands.

Sessions with Switch Veronica L’Amour

Tell Veronica L’Amour a little about yourself and what you are seeking.  If you are of interest to her, you will receive a response including additional session details and instructions.  Read the PROTOCOL page carefully before requesting an appointment.


Veronica L'Amour-Spanking

-CBT, especially trampling

-Chastity training

-Tease and denial

-Humiliation, verbal and otherwise

-Interesting roleplay scenarios


-Wrestling, competitive and otherwise

-and much more…

I ADORE couples. Is your partner in need of a gentle introduction to the world of BDSM? Or perhaps they are ready for training… Whichever the case, BRING THEM TO ME. I will strengthen your bond with each other as I bring you both to new heights together.


Payment/Tribute is to be rendered in cash at the beginning of each session.  In addition to hourly rates, you may inquire on a case-by-case basis about multi-hour or overnight imprisonment in the isolation cell.

$300 per hour

$175 for a half-hour (available only on rare occasions and for established clients only)


Advance notice

Veronica L’Amour requires 24 hours advance notice, but is generally not available without 48 hours notice, except that established clients may contact her for a same day appointment, with a minimum 5 hours notice required.

Veronica L'AmourVeronica L'Amour