We can only truly PLAY on the grounds of mutual respect, which requires manners to lubricate the wheels of cooperation. So please read the following instructions carefully before you contact a Mistress or Master through Seattle Dungeon, so you understand how they will expect you to behave.

New clients

We look forward to meeting you and are eager to ensure that your first session is as smooth and successful as possible. Therefore:

  1. Read this web site carefully, especially the Dungeon Activities page, to familiarize yourself with the kind of sessions available and the activities that will not be indulged in. However, if your favorite activity is not listed, don’t despair. It isn’t possible to list everything and it’s quite likely that the Mistress or Master you choose will be delighted to arrange a session to satisfy your wishes. However, the “Does Not” list (see at end of the instructions) is absolute and is not subject to negotiation.
  2. Carefully read through this page, to understand how we expect clients to behave.
  3. Go to the Mistress or Master’s page you are interested in having a session with, read the page, click the link that will take you to their contact form, and fill in all the sections relevant to the session you are requesting. All sections should always be completed.
  4. When your appointment is confirmed, you will be given directions on how to re-confirm your appointment.  You must contact the Mistress or Master on the date and by the time stated or your session will be cancelled. This is mandatory.
  5. Once you have confirmed your session, you will be provided with directions to a location near Seattle Dungeon, be given a phone number, and you will be instructed to call 10 minutes in advance of your session.
  6. Once at that location, you will receive the final directions to the location and provide with parking suggestions.
  7. When you arrive at the Seattle Dungeon, ring the buzzer, and you will be taken into a room to finalize the specifics prior to beginning your scene. Expect to answer questions about your history, fantasies, limits, fetishes, and expectations. This is the appropriate time expand on the information you gave in your initial contact and communicate what you are open to, what you have experimented with, and if there are any areas that MUST be avoided for your psychological or physical well being. Be prepared to state your experiences, fantasies, interests, limits, and extraneous physical or mental issues in a clear fashion. This is also the appropriate time to discuss your safe word.
  8. Your session begins once the scene negotiations have ended. If you are prone to nervousness, then please bring a small written list to refer to during negotiations.

Seattle Dungeon Masters and Mistresses DO NOT…

  • Provide any type of sexual service. Do not ask. We provide Professional Domination, NOT prostitution.  We will follow all the laws and rules of the State of Washington and expects you to do the same.
  • Participate in scat, toilet training, water sports, wrestling, or sexual activities. These limitations are for legal and health reasons and they are non-negotiable.

Existing clients

We much prefer you to plan ahead and, if at all possible, book your sessions using the appropriate session request form. Phones should be used only in an emergency.

Same day appointments are occasionally available with a minimum of 5 hours notice, but only rarely.


If you cannot email, have not heard back from your Mistress or Master within 24 hours, or have an emergency, you may phone them.


Phone numbers are provided once a session is booked.

If you are a new client telephoning to confirm an appointment, and this is your first time speaking with a Mistress, be prepared to speak briefly and tactfully.


Once a Mistress or Master answers, identify yourself – be sure to let them know who you are and why you are calling. This is not a social call.

If a Mistress or Master is not available, leave a polite voice message explaining when and how they may contact you.

Arriving for your session

• We operate primarily from Seattle Dungeon in the 98109 area north of downtown Seattle, Washington, on the East slope of Lower Queen Anne Hill. Sessions can also be arranged at one of the Seattle area luxury hotels.

• If you arrive early at Seattle Dungeon, please wait patiently in your car until the set time. If you interrupt another’s session then your session will be canceled and you will have to work hard to re-enter our good graces.

• If you are late (traffic can be terrible and many of you have families and jobs that may cause some tardiness), then please call ASAP. If you are more then 15 minutes late and have not called, we will assume you are not going to honor your appointment and will add you to the blacklist.

• If we are not at the dungeon when you arrive, then please wait patiently. Traffic can be difficult for us as well.

• If you have to cancel or change an appointment, please give ample notice. We do not live at Seattle Dungeon and will not be happy if we drives there to discover an email stating that you will not be arriving. CALL if you are not going to be able to honor your appointment.

• If we have to change or cancel an appointment we expect you to be as respectful of our needs as we will be of yours if you must change your plans. Remember, we all have lives outside of the dungeon fantasy space.

• Please respect our privacy as we will respect yours. Be respectful in all emails and dialog. If you are being rude, abusive, sexually explicit, or overly needy, we will end all communications.

• You must be clean. That means showered, dressed appropriately for “normal” life, teeth brushed, and feet and other potentially smelly areas free of odor.

• Please do not arrive in visible fetish wear or openly carrying your latest fetish implements. Seattle Dungeon and the Mistresses and Masters keep our business private and expects you to honor that. Discretion is the key.

Scene Manners & Etiquette: How to Please your Mistress or Master

Always be tolerant, patient, attentive and respectful, and exhibit your finest manners. If you are given a safe word, remember it for you to communicate that you are experiencing something physically or mentally potentially damaging. You are expected to communicate such serious situations should they occur, and you will NOT be reprimanded or chastised for using your safe word responsibly. It is very rare that a safe word is actually put to use as we will be paying full attention to your body language. We will respect your boundaries, physical and emotional limits, to ensure your well-being. Do NOT abuse your safe word by trite and trivial overuse. Your safe word is a safety tool, not a device for you to manipulate your session to suit your whimsical preferences. If you abuse your safe word your session will end promptly.

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