Mistress Arden SeattleMistress Arden is a professional dominatrix served by the Seattle area. She synthesizes fiery beauty and cunning to create luxurious fantasies for her clients. She specializes in humiliation, foot fetishes, and Queen/Goddess worship, and delights in torment of almost any variety her clients can imagine. Mind games give her particular pleasure.

The Mistress is physically stunning, with full hips, a slender waist, and a delectable bust. Her bright copper hair surrounds a face as lovely as it is wicked, with mischievous green eyes and a ravenous smile. She weighs 130 pounds and stands 5’4” barefoot–but what a waste that would be, since her delicately-curved feet fit so beautifully into heels of all heights. She owns a diverse fetish wardrobe and welcomes additions to it.

A natural sadist, Mistress Arden approaches the art of BDSM with joyful enthusiasm. She discovered as a child that hurting little boys made her smile, and has been doing it ever since. While she deeply delights in marking her victims, allowing them to savor the memory of their torment every time they undress, she understands that sometimes marks are undesirable. Accommodations can always be made to avoid them.

There are few outlets for the darker elements of human nature in our modern world; BDSM allows us to experience fear, shame, rage, and delight in the suffering of others in a safe and playful context. Much like a thrill ride, we can indulge in these feelings yet go home unharmed.

Sessions with Mistress Arden

Tell the Mistress a little about yourself and what you are seeking.  If you are of interest to her, you will receive a response including additional session details and instructions.  Read the PROTOCOL page carefully before requesting an appointment.


Arden_mistress Domina ArdenFees

Payment/Tribute is to be rendered in cash at the beginning of each session.  In addition to hourly rates, you may inquire on a case-by-case basis about multi-hour or overnight imprisonment in the isolation cell.

$300 per hour for sessions with Mistress Arden.

$175 for a half-hour session with Mistress Arden (available only on rare occasions and for established clients only)

$475 per hour for a joint session with Mistress Arden and another Mistress.

Advance notice

Mistress Arden requires 24 hours advance notice, but is generally not available without 48 hours notice, except that established clients may phone for a same day appointment, with a minimum 5 hours notice required.