misskatieI am Miss Katie, and I’m here to give you exactly what you deserve.
As a lifestyle player and BDSM enthusiast, I’ve got over a decade of real life experience to bring to bear on our sessions. I know what makes subs tick. I know how to push you to your limits, know what you crave, know how to break you — and, perhaps most importantly of all, I know how to put you back together again, afterwards.
I radiate an accepting, warm, nurturing Goddess energy that you will carry down with you into the dark. I delight in the unusual, the deviant, the divergent, and you will find a safe space with me to share your most twisted desires. If you want to soar to new heights as I drop you to your knees, wish to find complete freedom as I bind you, want to experience complete euphoria and abandon as I control you utterly, you will find that with me. My play reaches far beyond the application of tools to flesh, and you will find the mental component that you’ve been craving desperately.

Sessions with Miss Katie

If you desire cruelty in a scene, you will find mine to be unparalleled. I will hurt you, torture you, tease you and torment you. I bring a flair for the dramatic to roleplays and scenes that will allow you to suspend disbelief utterly and revel in our own private fantasy land.
I have a knack for making the shy, the scared, and the ashamed blossom under my hands and tools. If you’re looking for a safe place with someone warm and loving to take your hand and guide you to new heights, you’re in the right place.
I see people of all genders and couples, as well. I’m happy to teach, mentor, and guide you in your journey, to help you taste and explore. I welcome all from the most hardened players to the most curious and shy novices. I have friends you will find most delightful if you’re seeking a pair of fabulous women.

Read the PROTOCOL page carefully before requesting an appointment.

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It is a sign of respect and trust to pay me discretely at the beginning of a session.

$250 for 1 hour

$400 for 2 hours


Miss Katie requires 24 hours advance notice, but is generally not available without 48 hours notice, except that established clients may phone for a same day appointment, with a minimum 5 hours notice required.

To schedule a session clients must read the Protocol page.