Miss JennYou don’t think I notice do you? Oh trust me, I do. Come on, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I’ve seen you cross the street to follow me as I walk along. Of course it’s no coincidence that I see you in every aisle in the grocery store. And why is it, that I see you peaking out your window every time I leave and come home? Tell me, what thoughts run through your head as you stare long and hard at my fit, athletic bottom, shapely legs and of course my perfectly pedicured feet. Yes, I do notice those things.


I love being your “Girl Next Door” fantasy, stoking the fires of your innocent lusts and desires. Let me help you with those lusts, those desires and those naughty fantasies. But, once my door closes behind you, I will show you a who I truly am and you will show me, deep down inside, who you are. But we already know who you are, don’t we?


I am Miss Jenn and I enjoy humiliation, role play, forced feminization, corporal punishment, worship and those who are very submissive. I am a Professional Disciplinarian. That’s right, I specialize in spanking, actually, more like cleansing and freeing you of your transgressions.  Will I be caring and nurturing as I correct you, or have you been so bad that you bring out my sadistic side? And those feet that you peek at, I do enjoy them massaged, pampered, worshiped and adored.


I enjoy working with seasoned players and newbies alike. Will you be the next bare bottom across my lovely lap or submissive worshiping my feet?   Have other interests?  Feel free to let me know what your interests are, and if we have enough in common, I will respond back.


Sessions with Miss Jenn

Tell the Mistress a little about yourself and what you are seeking.  If you are of interest to her, you will receive a response including additional session details and instructions.  Read the PROTOCOL page carefully before requesting an appointment. 

Click here to request an appointment link





Payment is to be rendered in cash at the beginning of each session.

$275 per hour
$225 per half-hour (for established guests only)
$410 for 90-minutes
$520 for two-hours


Advance Notice

First time visitors should provide 48 hours notice for a session.

Established guests should provide at least 24 hours notice. Same day appointments are possible (for established clients), but are rare.


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