master_jessie_sparklesThere are many different ways that you could describe me. I’m the punk boy who lives down the street that you’ve always fantasized about. I’m the strict leather clad top that you feel compelled to serve. I’m the knife wielding sadist who makes you tremble. Above all, i’m a Sadomasochist and view fetish play as the primary outlet for my sexuality. I could give you the common story about being dominant since birth, however like many people my dominant side evolved over my years in the BDSM world. It has taken careful cultivation and training to get to the point where I am today. SM has always been close to my heart and I am thrilled to be able to share my knowledge and experience with others.

Sessions with Jessie Sparkles

masterjessiesparklesI take great pleasure in the scenes that I create with my clients. In order to be successful, a scene requires the collaboration of all the parties involved. The dungeon is a place to let down your guard and relax in the hands of a skillful and loving dominant. Our time together is a chance for you to explore your secret desires. To begin, write me with a thought out paragraph or two describing your interests. Please include your desired outcome for our scene as well as the roll that you envision me taking. Include fantasies, any relevant experiences that you’ve had, as well as your limits. Based on this, I will tailor a scene that fits my tastes while fulfilling some of your desires.  Read the PROTOCOL page carefully before requesting an appointment.

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It is a sign of respect and trust to pay me discretely at the beginning of a session.

$260 per hour for sessions with Jessie Sparkles.


Jessie Sparkles requires 24 hours advance notice, but is generally not available without 48 hours notice, except that established clients may phone for a same day appointment, with a minimum 5 hours notice required.

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To schedule a session clients must read the Protocol page.