April RainIntelligent Submission

Able to hold a conversation even when she’s bent over your knee, April will thrill you with her creative talents. A petite and curvaceous redhead, April excels at role play. She can dress and act nearly any part she is given and relishes bringing fantasies to life. Her vast wardrobe of costumes and attire will attest to that. Whether serving as a spoiled brat or a wide eyed innocent, she will leave you feeling confident, masterful, and respected.

April is also a capable bondage and impact submissive outside of D/s scenes. A sensualist at heart, April delights in all manner of sensations both rough and delicate. Her skin is silky smooth and incredibly receptive to any touch. Simply watching her reactions is an experience in and of itself.

Allow April to serve you, pamper you, and soothe you. You deserve it.

Sessions with April

Tell April a little about yourself and what you are seeking. If this is within April’s abilities and interests, you will receive a response including additional session details and instructions. If you have references from other submissives, April would love to see them!

April would love to hear your desires and will do her utmost to fulfill them while not pushing her own boundaries. Sessions are a collaborative process that should leave each party feeling satisfied and safe. BDSM can be an exploration of the senses and the human condition. April would like to assist you in that journey as well as ensure that both of you return safely.

Read the PROTOCOL page carefully before requesting an appointment.



Payment is to be rendered in cash at the beginning of each session.

$300 per hour

$200 per half-hour (or established guests only)



Advance notice

First time visitors should provide 48 hours notice for a session. Established guests should provide at least 24 hours notice. Same day appointments are possible with 5 hours notice but are increasingly rare.