I enjoy wide variety in the company I keep. From the budding submissive to the kink sophisticate, those who enjoy My time are alike in their kindness, passion, and deep respect for the Feminine.

Sessions with Anya Avalon

I particularly enjoy sessions including:

Witch, Goddess, and Female Supremacy tonesThey present themselves naturally.

Sensory play and deprivation. From electrical stimulation with My Violet Wand or Tens Unit, to the hot wax from My delicate candles, watching you squirm is otherworldly.

Predicament bondage and psychodrama. Whether I tie you with rope or bind you with words, there are endless vectors for your discomfort.

Impact play and CBT: from playful to excruciating. A ritual in devotion or trial by fire, the smack of My flogger, crack of My whip, and sting of My palm offer instant absolution.

Sharps play, piercing, and sounding. You make a wonderful pin-cushion.

Chastity training and key-holding. The male anatomy must have been built for enforced chastity. You’ll love it.

Pet training, pony training. Where would a good Witch be without Her furry compatriots?

However, the list above is not exhaustive. I enjoy hearing your salacious suggestions. The more creative, the better. Extra points will be awarded to those who incorporate the mystical, mythical, and occult into personal practices or professional BDSM scenarios.

Tell the Anya Avalon a little about yourself and what you are seeking.  If you are of interest to him, you will receive a response including additional session details and instructions.  

Read the PROTOCOL page carefully before requesting an appointment.

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Payment/Tribute is to be rendered in cash at the beginning of each session.

$300 per hour for up to three hours.

Potential for lower rates for extended endeavors.

The best gift you can offer Anya Avalon is your stellar attitude during our shared time. If you are inclined to favor Her with luxury goods, She appreciates gifts (specific or in certificate form) from retailers of quality attire (Agent ProvocateurLady Lucie Latex, Neiman Marcus), well-made gear (StockroomMr. S Leather), and fine foods (Whole Foods Market). She have a keen taste for fine whiskies and a lust for beautiful flowers . You may also view Her wishlist at tinyurl.com/AnyasWishlist.


Anya Avalon requires 24 hours advance notice, but is generally not available without 48 hours notice, except that established clients may phone for a same day appointment, with a minimum 5 hours notice required.

To schedule a session clients must read the Protocol page.